Most Californians are aware of the importance of "going into escrow" when buying or selling land.

They know that burdensome details can well be entrusted to an escrow officer whose business it is to handle such details.

They know the protection received if the escrow officer is a corporation whose responsibility and impartiality have been established.

They know that whatever of value is deposited with such a corporation will not be delivered until the written instructions of all parties have been complied with.  The adjustment of taxes, rents, interest and fire insurance; procuring of requested documents, such as bills of sale covering personal property and releases of existing encumbrances; the recording of all papers at the right moment; and the proper disbursement of the money involved to the persons entitled to it -  these are a few of the services required of the escrow officer.

The escrow officer will be glad to compute the expense of an escrow in advance.