Our Escrow Officers

Tricia Vagt is a Manager of Covina Escrow Company in Covina, CA. She has worked at the family owned escrow company for 26 years.  She has her Certified Escrow Officer and Certified Senior Escrow Officer designations from California Escrow Association, which she has been a member of CEA for 26 years.  Tricia has been active member of Covina Rotary Club - Epsilon Sigma Alpha - Fraternal Order of Eagles - Citrus Valley Board of Realtors.  Tricia serves on the Covina Chamber of Commerce Board of directors for the last three years.

Tricia has served the last seven years as a Director for the Escrow Institute of California.
She is President of the Escrow Associates of San Gabriel Valley, a Region of California Esrow Association. Covina Rotary Club has chosen her as their 2013-2014 President.


Covina Escrow Company is proud to announce the addition of Donna J. Inman, a Certified Senior Escrow Officer (CSEO) and a Certified Escrow Instructor (CEI) to our staff. 

Donna has been in escrow over 30 years and is a native Californian. Patience, great customer service and a clear head for details are some of the qualities that make her exceptional in her job 

An active member of the California Escrow Association, she had the honor to serve as its 2013 President. She is a member of the Escrow Associates of San Gabriel Valley. She has served time on the Board of Directors for the American Escrow Association – doing one term as the Treasurer and two terms as the Secretary.  Donna earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in English (1975). She also has a Master’s Degree in Education and Human Resource Studies (2005). “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” H. Ford